207 Windshield Reapir | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central Maine
207 Windshield Reapir | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central Maine
207 Windshield Reapir | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central Maine About 207 Windshield Reapir | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central Maine
207 Windshield Reapir | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central Maine

I have lived in Maine most all of my life. Mainly grew up in the Auburn, area. Moved to the Augusta area in 1992. Graduated from Cony High.

About 207 Windshield Repair | Mobile Windshield and Head Light Repair | Central MaineMy daughter is a Sargent in the U.S. Marines stationed in California. So, we don’t get to see each other very much at all. I have one grandchild little miss Nadia Grace. They both are very bright lights in my world.

Here at home I have a wonderful supportive spouse, and three Rottweilers. All of which want to go with me when its time to head out for the day.

I have worked hard since I was 16. From my first day on the job. My father always tried to teach me what it was to put in a hard day’s work. It never really sunk in till just about the time my daughter was born. But from then on it was nose down to get the job done each day. Didn’t matter if I was hurt, sick or just plain tired. Had to work to support my family.

Now I have not worked many places like some people. But they all taught me something. Mac’s variety, stocking shelves. J&S oil gas attendant. Airport Automotive this is where I started to learn about wanting more out of a job. I started as a gas attendant. After about 2 years I wanted to train to be able to run the wrecker and flat bed. (this is when I realized I liked helping people) also became the night and weekend Manager. So now I was getting my first taste of what it was like to be a manager. Well 7 years later it was time for something new. Pine State Trading, went in as a vending driver, nice easy job. Or so I thought, never realized just how much that job would require. Remembering where to go when times of breaks in different accounts. But managed to get it all mastered. this is when I realized I liked dealing with people and trying to make them happy. Even if it was only by making sure that their favorite snack was in a machine. So, mine, became one of the biggest money-making routes. After about 5 years I was asked if I wanted to be the route supervisor. So, of, course the answer was yes. Covering routes dealing with changes due to holidays and sending drivers back if costumers needed extra service. After sitting in that seat for about 5 years, I decided to go back to my old route. Missed seeing people and talking with then on a regular basis.

On August 21st 2015, that’s when life changed. I was cutting a tree down at home. I ended up getting hit in the head with a branch. It was about 9 feet long and the small end was the size of a softball. Messed up my head pretty bad inside any way. After hearing the Dr. tell me many times you will be better in a week or so, It turned into a month or so. Then it was “Well let’s send you here for this test and there for that one”. Finally, the Dr. said you have P.C.S, basically a long-lasting concussion. Dizzy, sick, falling down for no reason, blurry sometimes double vision always tired. Sleeping upwards of 15 hours each day. (none of which was helping). Major blinding headaches, ringing in my ear along with a few other things. All of these things kept me out of work. But I could still do things!! Just not like before, what should take me 10 minutes was taking an hour or more. Go till you can’t go any more, Never give up! I don’t know how many times I told myself that.

After 2 years of hearing you could be better next week, next month, I wanted to go back to work!!! So, what to? Well talking with a relative he told me about his company. The money he was making, hours he worked, physical demands of the work, all the way down to about the hours he spends in the office doing paper work. It sounded like something I could do. Not very physically demanding, limited time on a computer and I could set my own hours. All of which were thing that kept me from working a normal 9-5 job. So, a few months of talking with his suppliers and trying to get things in line. Something that would take all of the things I liked from other jobs, (helping people, getting out and seeing our wonderful state, and someday growing to the point of creating jobs being a manager) and put them into my own business.

That’s how 207 Windshield Repair came to be more than just a thought. So, then it was time all the paperwork with the state, town, insurance companies and all the other fun places.

After ordering my first tool kit (workable but not the best) It was time to practice-practice-practice. Windshield repair from my view is not something that you can be taught. You can be shown but unless you put in the time to practice, you won’t get it. For about a week I made and fixed I don’t know how many rock chips in the piece of glass sent with my tools. Then it was time to find my first paying jobs and my friends and family were there. I mean if something was to go wrong at least they would be somewhat understanding, but nothing did. Talking with now my supplier, I wanted better tools so I ordered another better kit. Which allows for bigger cracks, multiple injectors allow for more work faster. No two rock chips are ever the same, so having the tools to cover them all just made since.

After working with some local area dealerships, I then found a need for quality headlight restoration. I am currently working with about 6 smaller dealerships in our area.

Places like:

  • RJB & Son Auto sales in Turner, ME. {headlights and chips}
  • Duval Auto sales Turner, Me. {rock chips}
  • K.R.Y Auto sales in Turner, Me. {rock chips and headlights}
  • Real Deal Auto sales Auburn, Me. {rock chips}
  • Scott Thayer Auto sales Auburn, Me. {rock chips}
  • Jim’s Auto sales Auburn, Me. {rock chips}
  • Jon’s Auto Mart Lewiston, Me. {headlights rock chips}
  • Premier Auto sales Lewiston, Me. {headlights and rock chips}
  • Paul Blouin Power Sports Augusta, Me {headlights and rock chips}

This is just a few of the dealers that I work with at this point. But every week it grows as the name 207 Windshield Repair gets out there. I even have a few car Detail shops that have called and used my head light service along with getting rock chips filled.

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